Chelsea pays a lengthy homage to Eden Hazard after his retirement.

Hazard retired from professional football on Tuesday The Blues legend made 352 appearances for Chelsea

The former winger won two Premier League titles at Stamford Bridge Hazard made history at Chelsea / Mike Hewitt

Chelsea have paid tribute to former winger Eden Hazard after the 32-year-old confirmed his retirement on Tuesday.

An injury dismissal at Real Madrid marked a heartbreaking end to an illustrious career that saw Hazard win two Premier League titles in seven years with Chelsea, establishing himself as one of the greatest players of all time during that time. period.

Hazard, fondly remembered as a club legend, sparked a lengthy tribute from Chelsea on social media.“It was simply wonderful to see Eden Hazard live,” one message read.

“A world-class footballer who gave us the feeling that he was a player who could do anything with a ball at his feet.”

“And when he lay at Eden’s feet, the ball was what he wanted. Hazard has had great success at Chelsea / IAN .

“His superpower was to move with great precision, the ability to sneak through the smallest gaps, the tiny hole in the fence that only he could see.

Defenders caught his attention. , pause for a breath, first that disappears again – a shadow they think they saw in the mirror.

“You suspect this is why blues fans take the District Line to Fulham Broad way on Saturdays and filter into the Bridge through the streets around Fulham Road: for those magical moments, those brilliant Polaroids, those flashes of miniature perfection. ” .”The infamous goal against Arsenal. The solo attack against West Ham.

End of Tottenham’s title hopes. The brace in the Europa League final. Screamers at Anfield not once, but twice.

These were defining moments, memories that will forever remain in our minds on endless replays. “And so the legacy of Eden Hazard will remain.  In our memories forever.  Happy retirement to one of the greatest Chelsea players of all time.

Hazard has scored 110 goals and 92 assists in 352 appearances for Chelsea, winning the club’s Player of the Year award four times and securing places at the FIFPRO Men’s World Cup 11 in 2018 and 2019.

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