Israel war: According to the New York Times, editors ought to have “taken more care” while covering Gaza hospitals

Israel’s war: New York Times says editors should have been ‘careful’ when reporting on Gaza hospitals.

The New York Times issued a statement to readers regarding reports of an explosion at a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

This was initially based on claims by Palestinian officials that the explosion was the result of an Israeli airstrike.

Israel blamed Palestinian officials and said the Israeli military was investigating the blast, according to an initial Times report.

Israel denied that the explosion was the result of an Israeli airstrike, and several international officials, including President Joe Biden, supported Israel’s claim that the country was not responsible.

At first, the publication led the Hamas argument, and now it says that Hamas “believed too much.

““Given the sensitive nature of news coverage during the widespread conflict and the prominent publicity it received, the editors of the Times should have been more careful in their initial announcements and more clearly stated what information could be verified.

“Publishers continue to establish procedures for the biggest stories, including what additional protections can be warranted for the use of the biggest headlines in digital reporting,” the New York Times editorial said.

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