Report : Here Are All The Inside Details On Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Weekend In NYC, Including Their “Handsy” Afterparty PDA And A Last-Minute “Saturday Night Live” Cameo.

It was undoubtedly a weekend of relationship milestones for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, from unexpected Saturday Night Live cameos to PDA photos.

Taylor and Travis confirmed their relationship in classic celeb fashion with some public PDA in NYC, just four weeks after she sent the internet into a frenzy by attending Travis’ football game in Kansas City.

In just a few short hours before heading straight to Studio 8H to make surprise appearances on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, the new couple was captured for the first time in a hand-in-hand photo as they began their busy weekend with dinner at Nobu.

Viewers were greatly surprised by their separate cameo appearances, in which they both wore the same attire as they had at Nobu, and Swifties, who have been open about their love for Travis, showered them with praise.

In case you missed it, Travis, who earlier this year hosted SNL, made an excellent cameo in a skit making fun of the NFL’s recent fixation on their relationship.

Taylor also made an appearance to introduce Ice Spice’s second musical performance of the evening.

Although it’s unclear how far in advance Taylor’s appearance was planned, sources told the New York Post that Travis’s participation in the episode was added in at the very last minute after he showed up with Taylor just before the show went on air.

And despite all the excitement, the good times didn’t stop there.

Along with celebrities like Pete Davidson, Ice Spice, Madelyn Cline, Dave Chapelle, Michael Che, and Colin Jost, Taylor and Travis remained to attend the SNL afterparty.

Travis and Taylor were seen holding hands and getting close for the second time that night as they entered the venue at around 2:20 a.m. m.

The two reportedly became quite cozy, and they were reportedly “so smiley” and “so happy” the entire night, according to numerous inside sources.

They talked nonstop. They were really enjoyable.

According to one source who spoke to People, they didn’t leave “until after 4” in the morning.


“They talked to every single person in the room that talked to them.

According to a subsequent source who spoke to Page Six, Travis and Taylor were seen getting “handsy” and “kissing” at the celebrity-studded party.

According to the first source who spoke with People, at one point, Travis allegedly took both of Taylor’s hands and placed them on his shoulders “so they’re face-to-face.”.

Then he grabs her waist with both of his hands. They are kissing each other while leaning in close. “.

Also, they were whispering, they said.

They are debating whether to order an espresso martini or a steak while talking, and then they lean in and start kissing once more.

All throughout, they are in contact with one another. “.

Despite the fact that the couple appeared to be “connected throughout the night,” the eyewitness made it clear that they also “mingled separately” while keeping a close eye on one another.

Travis “kept going over to her and checking in,” touching her, “putting his hand on her lower back or putting his hands on her waist,” before returning to his own conversations, while Taylor engaged in conversation with other guests.

Travis “kept going over to her and checking in,” “touching her, putting his hand on her lower back or putting his hands on her waist,” before returning to his own conversations, while Taylor engaged in conversation with other guests.

“He kept checking in with her but gave her space to talk to other people in the room, both male and female,” the insider revealed, noting that he was a “total gentleman” and Taylor appeared “really comfortable” with him.

In fact, a different source told Entertainment Tonight that Travis was so protective of Taylor that “he actually told her security guard that he could step aside” and that “he’d take it from here.”. “.

The same insider claimed that the couple appeared to be the “real deal,” which was only reinforced when they went on a second dinner date in New York City the very next day, Travis sporting a beaming smile.

Taylor hasn’t made any recent public remarks about the new relationship.

Travis, meanwhile, has made it abundantly clear that he is completely smitten with the singer, remarking last week at a press conference that he feels “on top of the world.”. “.

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