Liverpool to deal with Caicedo’s agent as transfer interest resumes in January

Liverpool have rekindled their interest in Bayer Leverkusen’s Piero Hincapie and will be forced to deal with Moises Caicedo’s agent after his client rejected a move to Chelsea.

Liverpool are once again in the market for Bayer Leverkusen centre-back Piero Hincapie after the team cooled their interest in the summer.

Jurgen Klopp’s transfer plans have changed dramatically following the surprise departures of Fabinho and Jordan Henderson to Saudi Arabia, as he has been forced to prioritize strengthening the midfield.

Now 22-year-old Hicapie, who was the subject of a verbal offer from Tottenham in January, is back on their radar and the Reds are already laying the groundwork for a possible January deal.

The Ecuador international is represented by Moises Caicedo’s agent Manuel Sierra, but relations still appear intact despite the Chelsea midfielder’s refusal to join Anfield for a British record fee of £110million.
Sierra said of Hincapie in South American media: “Liverpool were interested in him, but at that moment they decided to invest in the midfielder.”

For January, like other clubs, they are talking about an amount not exceeding 50 million euros [£43 million].

Hincapie signed a new long-term contract with big club Leverkusen in February, which does not contain an exit clause. Sierra also commented on Caicedo’s decision to move to Chelsea rather than Liverpool, although he admitted the Reds offered him a “more stable project”.

“Liverpool have always been interested,” Sierra told Futbol sin Cassette.

“Between January and May we always had meetings, but since May we never heard from them again and of course we were surprised that they suddenly showed up with something [an offer] that They said they couldn’t do it.

“The first thing they tell us is: ‘Tomorrow you have to go to Liverpool until you have a medical’.”

What will obviously be our response if we have not negotiated, we have not spoken to each other and we have not seen anything since May?
Bayer Leverkusen defender Piero Hincapie is a Liverpool target (

“The problem was Brighton, but if tomorrow they tell us: ‘You can go to Liverpool’, of course the reaction is fine, but the funny thing is that they didn’t tell us, they told us we had to have a medical.” treatment at Liverpool without having an agreement, without having said “yes” – the club also wrote to Moises, “with the consent of Brighton”, etc., but our telephone conversations have always been clear.

We were clear, as long as Chelsea offered the same conditions that Liverpool could with Brighton and, as I said, they exceeded them, so there were no complaints.

“It’s very complicated, imagine that Jürgen Klopp writes to you, that your name is Liverpool, we are talking about something very big, that is, one of the best teams in the world, just like Chelsea, and with a more consolidated value. and a more stabilized project than what Chelsea has now, which is a very ambitious project that looks two, three years into the future.

“When Liverpool arrived like that and got close, Moises obviously got dizzy, I’m dizzy too, but Chelsea were by our side the whole time and asked us to go.

They wanted an hour so that we could tell Brighton, so they could meet.” the offer and they gave them an hour and the deal was done in two days.

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