How does the market value of Blackburn Rovers compare to that of Burnley?

Blackburn Rovers’ market value is €52.25 million, with winger Tyrhys Dolan considered the club’s most valuable player at €8 million.

Burnley’s squad market value is €229.55m, significantly higher than Blackburn’s, with midfielder Sander Berge valued at €20m

Burnley’s promotion to the Premier League and increased recruitment during the summer transfer window have helped increase the team’s value relative to Blackburn.
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Lancashire rivals Blackburn Rovers and Burnley reignited their long and fierce rivalry last season when the pair clashed in the Championship.

Ultimately it was Burnley who came out on top in those matches.

The Clarets claimed a 3-0 win at Turf Moor before a 1-0 win at Ewood Park in April which secured the league title as they won promotion to the Premier League in Vincent Kompany’s first season in charge.

Blackburn’s season, meanwhile, would end in disappointment as they missed a chance for promotion via the play-offs on goal difference on the final day of the season.

So, with Blackburn remaining a Championship club for the 2023/24 season, while Burnley have returned to the Premier League, what has impacted the difference in the two sides’ market values ​​as they stand now?

 we have looked at the team values ​​of both Blackburn Rovers and Burnley to find out how much difference there is in the considered value of these two rivals’ teams. .

Blackburn Rovers squad market value in 2023/24

After Blackburn missed a chance at promotion to the Championship at the end of last season, several players left Ewood Park over the summer.

In total, ten first-team options would leave Jon Dahl Tomasson’s side while the market remained open, either permanently or on loan.

Among them was Ben Brereton-Diaz, the club’s top scorer over the past two seasons, whose rise to the international stage with Chile has also contributed to a significant increase in his value, even though his expiring contract saw him leave Rovers and after Villarreal moved. free transfer.

Other important and experienced players like Bradley Dack, Daniel Ayala and Thomas Kaminski would also leave the club during the summer.

Meanwhile, Blackburn would add seven new players to their squad over the summer, including the loan signings of Andrew Moran and James Hill from Premier League clubs Brighton and Bournemouth respectively.

Blackburn Rovers – 2023/24 signings

All of this means that Blackburn’s current market value is now estimated at €52.25 million, with winger Tyrhys Dolan considered the club’s most valuable player at €8 million.
Burnley team market value in 2023/24

As they prepare for their return to the Premier League, it’s no surprise that there have also been some significant changes to Burnley’s squad over the course of the summer transfer window.

While six senior players would be leaving Turf Moor, there were plenty of players set to move to that part of Lancashire, with fifteen new players added to Vincent Kompany’s first team squad.

This increase in recruitment, combined with the fact that they play at a higher level, means that it is no surprise that the value of Burnley’s team is now significantly higher than Blackburn’s.

The Clarets squad is now claimed to have a market value of €229.55m, with midfielder Sander Berge, signed in the summer from Sheffield United, said to be the club’s highest valued individual at €20m .

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