Paqui’s revenge? Everton will have to continue paying Francisco Meneghini

Despite having signed a contract with Defensa y Justicia, Everton may still be responsible for paying a significant portion of the Argentine coach’s salary. Francisco Meneghini left Everton de Viña del Mar in March, after failing to meet the team’s high expectations. Two months later, he joined Defensa y Justicia in Argentina.

However, his departure continues to create issues for Everton’s management, who might be required to cover part of his salary due to an unusual contract with the Argentine club.

¿Uno menos para la U? Francisco Meneghini renueva contrato con Everton de  Viña del Mar | ADN Radio

Meneghini was unhappy with his departure from Everton and did not reach an agreement for an early exit, prompting him to file a complaint with FIFA in May. According to FIFA regulations, if a coach is dismissed and then signs with a new club at a lower salary, the former club must pay the difference.

Reports suggest that Meneghini’s contract with Defensa y Justicia offers a monthly salary of one million one hundred thousand gross pesos, about 10% of what he earned at Viña del Mar. If FIFA rules in Meneghini’s favor, Everton will have to pay a large portion of this “minimum salary.”

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