Sad news from Buffalo Bill…

Garrett Wilson entered the year hoping to be available for Aaron Rodgers for all 17 games.

Instead, he’s needed to be available for Zach Wilson, and even that isn’t guaranteed with the wide receiver dealing with an injury ahead of the Week 11 matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

Here’s a look at the wide receiver’s injury and his chances of playing this week.

The Jets’ best wide receiver is out this week with an elbow injury, according to the team’s injury report.

The exact nature of the injury is uncertain, although Jesse Morse feels it is a sprain.

The wide receiver only had a limited practice on Wednesday, so his odds of playing are less than 100%.

That said, missing practice or part of practice on Wednesday is far from a reliable indicator that a player will play that weekend.

Teams will often use Wednesday as a buffer practice for injured players at the first sign of trouble.

In other words, players battling injuries often get Wednesdays truncated more than any other practice.

Receivers usually don’t throw the ball, so an elbow injury usually isn’t enough to sideline a wide receiver unless it is catastrophic.

The wide receiver appears to have suffered the injury in Week 10 against the Las Vegas Raiders.

This was the first time Wilson has had an injury this season severe enough to make the injury report.

The injury comes on the heels of his best three-game stretch of the season.

It started against the New York Giants when he caught seven catches for 100 yards on October 29th.

Then, the following week, he had seven catches for 80 yards.

On November 12th, against the Raiders, he caught nine passes for 93 yards.

If Wilson hits a rough patch this week, the elbow injury could be a red flag.

Managers and the Jets would both agree that it would be a shame because he was just getting started.

However, if he plays and receives passes that don’t need too much work from his elbow to catch, he may easily produce just as well this weekend.

The Jets wide receiver appears to be trending toward playing, especially with the team’s win under .500.

If they fall two games under .500, they would need to go undefeated against Tua Tagovailoa’s Dolphins and Falcons to claw back into the playoff conversation.

They’ve already defeated the Bills this season, so a win against them again would fortify them to settle a potential loss against Tyreek Hill’s Dolphins in the following game.

Simply put, the Jets need this win to avoid being pinned against the wall.

Garrett Wilson will be needed to do so against a Bills squad trying to avenge last week’s Monday Night Football upset.

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