Breaking News: Dyche highlights secret Everton plan to avoid relegation after big improvement

Battling Everton are slowly pulling away from the Premier League’s relegation zone – and Toffees manager Sean Dyche has revealed the secret to their recent success

Sean Dyche wants to drag Everton away from danger

Sean Dyche wants to drag Everton away from danger 

Sean Dyche has brought a new approach to Everton’s training regime – and it’s finally paying dividends in terms of results.

The Blues have won five of their last seven games after winning just once in their opening six matches this season, and fans have noticed an improvement in the team’s strength and fitness. That is no coincidence.

Dyche has worked on a fitness programme designed to give his side an edge in the intense environment of the Premier League – including specific training to take into account longer matches this season because of more added time being applied by referees.

‌”I never question previous managers because everyone has their own style,” Dyche explained. “I have mine – and part of it is to be fit. I think it is relevant to the modern game, I think it is relevant to modern sport, there are very few successful individuals and teams who aren’t fit.

‌”The fitter you are the longer you can concentrate for, the greater the oxygen levels, all that science. And not just physical fitness, mental fitness as well – that motivation to look, your body language, your intent, your desire.”

‌There is no doubt the team has improved on last season, with Dyche revealing he has made a “few changes to formats on the training ground” – including longer sessions to account for longer matches.

And he explained it is paying dividends: “At the beginning of the season there were some stories that it could be 13 minutes extra played, and we thought we needed to be ready for that, so we added a bit more physical time on your legs.

“The longest we’ve had I think was nine minutes of added time, so we have to prepare for that. There are subtle twists, we added to the physical load with the players on their feet longer, with longer sessions.

“They are small margins, but you add all those small margins together and it makes for a bigger margin. We have also changed our pre-game regime and analysis – they are all things we’ve changed from last season to push in the right way.”

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‌Dyche is likely to make few changes from the side which convincingly defeated Burnley in midweek, with only Abdoulaye Doucoure coming back in after being rested in midweek. The midfielder has agreed a new one-and-a-half-year contract.

Doucoure said: “It means a lot to stay here. I always fight for this club and I’ve always been in love with this club. I’ve always wanted to stay at Everton. I want to keep playing, I want to keep learning and I want to keep fighting for the badge and for the club.”

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