Everton: Alan Myers shares ‘Doomsday’ verdict after Premier League news


Alan Myers shares 'Doomsday' Everton verdict after Premier League news
Doomsday verdict emerges at Everton after Premier League news

Alan Myers has advised Everton fans to wait until the final decision is made by the independent regulators before worrying too much about the outcome of their financial investigation.

The Sky Sports journalist eased concerns via his personal Twitter account, claiming that the doomsday scenario is always the most popular one to speak about before any decision is made.

This comes following a report in The Telegraph [25 October] which claimed that the Premier League had demanded the club be given a 12-point deduction as the maximum punishment if found guilty.

Myers took to Twitter on 26 October where he responded to a fan’s concerns around the possible points deduction, easing worries by saying: “As I always say Paul, I would wait until the official announcement from the independent commission.

“The doomsday scenario is always the most attractive one to talk about before these things happen in reality, let’s see.”

While the news that emerged and shook Goodison Park yesterday is certainly concerning, it was also a worst-case scenario. Even in the article, it read that a 12-point deduction was recommended as the maximum punishment.

Everton will likely avoid such a harsh punishment, that’s if they’re even found guilty as the club has stood by its confidence that they are not guilty of any wrongdoing in relation to the Financial Fair Play breaches they are being investigated for.

While a financial or points-based punishment may be delivered, the 12-point is a doomsday scenario which obviously draws more attention than saying the final verdict from the independent regulator may not be that the club are guilty at all.

As Myers has recommended, fans should wait for the official decision to be made before losing their minds or falling into any sort of meltdown.

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