Report News : Coventry City coach draws on extensive experience to overcome difficult…

Coventry City match reaction from Coventry Live as Sky Blues boss Mark Robins takes a philosophical approach to the club’s current form

Mark Robins has drawn on his vast experience as a manager to assure his Coventry City players that they will come through their current slump in Championship form.

Not only have the Sky Blues suffered three successive defeats – their latest a 2-0 CBS Arena loss to West Bromwich Albion – but they have also failed to score in those games to leave them in 20th in the table.

“The fact that we have lost three now, this one on the back of two away from home, is something that I have spoken to them about,” revealed the City boss.

“I am experienced enough to know that you get times like this within seasons, and it’s times like this when you have to stick together and have to keep your belief in one another and yourselves.”

The manager was particularly pleased that the home crowd that numbered just over 22,000 continued to get behind the players despite suffering the club’s first defeat at the stadium so far this term.

“The fact that the supporters stayed with individuals when they made a mistake or there was a chance missed was perfect, just perfect, because that is what gives them the belief, so the crowd played a significant part,” he said.

“They let us know at the end that they weren’t happy but nobody likes losing and I’d be a bit worried if they didn’t let us know. We know we’re in that moment where we have got to come out the other side and we will do. We will come through it stronger.

“We know where we are. We would like to be further on in terms of points. I don’t think they were any better than us, and their manager said that to me at the end of the game. But ultimately they have got the win on the back of a goal we have given to them and an off-side goal that wasn’t seen by the officials.”

He added: “We play another two games (Preston away and Stoke at home) and then it’s another international break. After the last break we haven’t done very well but we have to keep working and believing.

This is a difficult period, clearly, in terms of results, but there’s only us that can turn that around. And the players in there understand. They are really good players and they know what’s required and just have to go and put that into action.”

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