Breaking News: Everton Football agent issues Financial Fair Play verdict despite fear of point penalty

Craig Honeyman, a football agent, has issued a “finally” verdict amid reports that Everton could face a massive points punishment if found guilty of breaking Financial Fair Play standards.


The Premier League has recommended that Everton be docked up to 12 points if their ongoing case is lost, according to The Telegraph on Wednesday (25 October).

Everton will have that threat hanging over them when they head to West Ham on Sunday (29 October) for their first match since those reports emerged.

Previewing the game for The PreMatch Podcast [27 October, 29m 20s], Honeyman – who has the likes of David Ornstein and Ian Wright among his Twitter followers – said: “West Ham will comfortably beat Everton. Comfortably. I’d say 3-0 to West Ham.

“There’s lots of talk off the pitch for Everton, with financial fair play looking like it’s going to bite them – finally.”

There is little doubt that being deducted 12 points would relegate Everton if their early-season form is anything to go by.

But this is the worst-case scenario as it is “up to” 12 points they will be deducted, meaning it could be as little as just one or two points.

That is assuming they lose the case, too, and the club have made it clear that they do not believe they deserve to be penalised for their losses.

It is a complicated case, explaining why a decision is not likely until later in the year. That just adds to the uncertainty around Goodison Park.

It is important that the players pick up as many points as possible on the field in the meantime in case that doomsday scenario becomes real.

West Ham have not exactly been flying over the past month or so, so this could be an opportunity to pick up three vital points on the road.

Either way, it is just nice to actually be talking about events on the field for a change.

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