Sad News From Panthers as the result of the injury…….

Panthers Reacts Week 8: Will Thomas Brown change anything?

Finally, a worthy question that isn’t depressing

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are exiting their bye week with a fresh sense of optimism on offense. Head coach Frank Reich has handed play calling duties over to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown.

Not only is there some hope that Brown’s background with Sean McVay will lead to a less predictable game flow, but there are also the publicly stated benefits of allowing Reich to focus on the whole game and streamlining the play calling process.

The streamlined process pre-snap is what I am most interested in seeing. The Panthers have been notorious for years for barely getting the snap off before the play call expires.

For many years, that has been because of inexperienced or less-than-talented combinations of coaches and quarterbacks.

That should not be the case this season, as Bryce Young, the so-heralded ‘Master Processor’ had this offense tailor-made for him by a all-star coaching staff.

Yet, time and again the Panthers have been out of timeouts in crucial situations because they had burned them to avoid previous delay of game penalties.

In preparation of Brown’s debut as the Panthers’ playcaller, we’d want to ask you one simple question. Do you believe his play-calling abilities will benefit the offense?

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