What the Seahawks say about the Browns

The Browns will travel to Seattle on October 29 to face the Seahawks at Lumen Field. The Browns have won two games in a row and will try to make it three on Sunday.

Let’s take a look at what the Seahawks had to say about their Week 8 matchup against the Browns.

I would say his mix of speed and power. Just a physically strong guy, a big guy out there, and he’s just as athletic, which is rare to have that speed-power combination.

He is fast. He can get to the edges. He can bend. He does many things very well.

He shows and proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, in the NFL, you’re going to face these challenges every week.

I think our guys will really be up for the challenge this week. QB Geno Smith vs. DE Myles Garrett

Quarterback Deshaun Watson faces another week of rehabilitation from shoulder injury

Browns defensive backs want to better cover passing game against Seahawks

Breaking through the Browns’ receiving core against the Seahawks’ defensive backs

RB Kareem Hunt ‘ready for any challenge’ as workload could now increase

They are really aggressive. We’ve known Jim Schwartz for a long time, his plan, his style and the way he teaches these guys.

Very aggressive in attack. The focus is on the top four, but those behind them are also very aggressive.

There’s a whole philosophy that we recognize because we’ve seen Jim for years. HC Pete Carroll on defense for the Browns

Interview with Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

Their pass rush is definitely elite and they have some really good DBs as well. I think it will be a challenge for us to continue to build on what we did last week.

We improved in the third round. We still need to improve in the red zone. It’s just another challenge for us to go there.

But it’s only against a better defense, I think it’s a good challenge for us. WR DK Metcalf on what stands out about the Browns defense

DK Metcalf press conference

He wins. (He) won the 49ers game and held on until the end of that Indy game to make enough plays to win.

And they also scored 39 points in the game. These are two big victories for him. He comes with confidence, I’m sure.

He’s an active, mobile guy who can make things happen, similar in style to Deshaun (Watson). HC Pete Carroll on QB P.J. Walker

There are only a few experienced guys among them. It starts with Denzel Ward, one of the best corners in the league.

He does a great job in coverage. He’s a men’s corner, so he does a great job of defeating guys. If you look the other way, you have (Greg) Newsome (II), who plays outside, but he also plays inside in the nickel.

They have a great multiple system where any player can be anywhere and everyone plays well. Then when you talk about (Martin) Emerson (Jr.) from the outside, he already has some tips, he’s very tight in coverage.

He’s a bigger guy, he can cover the bigger guys in the league. If you look at their DBs, they have a lot of talented playmakers.

As always, we need to go ahead and let QB Geno Smith implement what he thinks of the Browns DB.

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