“I pray it wasn’t anything worse”: Deshaun Watson transcript after Browns win over Colts

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson gestures from the bench in the second half. 

Now that you’re never coming back to the game and never going back to the conversation you had with Kevin Stefanski, what happens?

“Just a medical decision with the staff and everyone involved in making that decision. They felt the best decision was to bring PJ (Walker) in, finish the game and make sure the team benefits from it.

Did you feel like your shoulder was getting worse?
“I’m not sure, we’ll find out tomorrow.”

Did you try throwing afterwards? “No I did not. When he told me, the decision was practically made.”

You’re going to get an MRI tomorrow to take another look at your shoulder and make sure everything’s okay, okay?

“I’m not even sure. I know once I go tomorrow, whatever protocols we have, I’ll just follow the protocols and go from there.

Were you hit in the shoulder?
“Yes, sir.”

Before this happened, it seemed like you had a slow start. Do you think it happened just after a two week break?

“I mean, it was only five steps. One was a screen, a deep ball that was thrown, one was a check-down and the other was hit.

So if you want to go ahead and look at it as a slow start, that’s four quarters. I don’t think anyone can take two or three seriously and start slow, you have to play 60 minutes.”

You pushed him away and stayed on the sidelines, did you really want to get back out there and keep playing?

“Of course I want to participate, I’m a competitor. I want to go out there and try to help the team as much as I can and go out there and play and perform and compete.

But the decision was best for the team and they felt it was the best. P J. (Walker) finished the match well and everyone else did a great job and got the win.

Was there a time during the game where you rolled to the left and tried to throw? Did you know you were trying to put yourself in danger?

“No, I didn’t think so. As I told the media, when I step onto the field, I don’t want anything to hold me back or get in my way.

We had a great week of preparation and we thought it was the best opportunity for me to come back this week, but I just couldn’t finish the game. That’s pretty much how it happened.

Are you considering launching in Seattle?
“I’m not sure we’ll see that.”

Did you have to go back to the tent to have it checked for possible head trauma since it was first the shoulder then the head?

“The head problem surprised me. I didn’t know I was going to be canceled due to a concussion until I got to the tent.

Yes, it was just like that – I wasn’t even worried about the head, but mostly the shoulder.

I think my head hit the ground and the spotter from above called me down to be judged, but from what they told me, I made it clear the first time.

Kevin Stefanski said, “I’m protecting our franchise quarterback.” Did he explain it to you like this and did you understand that situation?

“Of course I understand, and like I said before, I want to go out and compete and help the team win, but at the end of the day this is a muscle and something I really need to go out and perform. the highest level.

I understand where he’s coming from and we just need to make sure we follow the steps.

Based on how you felt or felt after that shot, are you reasonably sure it hasn’t gotten worse, or are you just not entirely sure?

“I pray it’s nothing worse. That’s all I can do now: keep sending prayers and see what happens tomorrow.”

How did you feel after the two consecutive days of launch tests on Thursday and Friday? Did you feel good when you came out today and the match started?

“Yes, I felt good, but it’s difficult to simulate training and a real match. In practice, everything is quite controlled. We felt good at first and when we tested it I just couldn’t finish it.

Can you talk about P.J. (Walker)’s motivation in that last race and how he defeated you and took the win?

“I mean, ask PJ (Walker). He is a professional and has been doing this for a long time.

He has a lot of experience, but even during the week I make sure that PJ and DTR (Dorian Thompson-Robinson) – whatever Kevin (Stefanski) and I come across, I make sure PJ talks about it.

There are many things Kevin explains to me during the week. I go there and say to PJ, ‘Hey PJ, do you see this? Hey, they could do this protection, you know this and the third.”

I’m just making sure we’re all on the same page because if something like this were to happen, you know, but if something like this were to happen, I’m making sure he was ready. and prepared and see the same thing that I saw, the same thing I communicate with the receivers and the O-line so we can all be on the same page so we can do what we did today and go out there and win.”

The question will be whether, like before, can you drive the ball and make all the shots this week, or do you feel like you’re ready?

“To be honest, I’m not going to answer that question. I’ll have more information by the end of Tuesday, once we’ve gone through all the protocols and testing and things like that.

Maybe we can somehow answer that question on Wednesday and Thursday, but I’m not sure at the moment.

How disappointing is this for you given that it’s not what you expected?

“It’s very disappointing. Of course not for the W, I will always be happy for the team and our victory. On a personal level it is obviously very disappointing. I’ve worked hard for the last three or four weeks to get to this moment, but it hasn’t been enough.

It’s back to the drawing board and it’s part of the game, I guess. You just have to deal with adversity, but I’m going to keep my head up, keep grinding, keep training and be there for my teammates.

Do you feel like everyone always wants to play, you guys are competitors, but do you feel like you pushed it a little bit and came back a week early?

“I’m not sure. It’s hard to say. As I already mentioned, everything is mundane and like that. In the last days of training I felt really good and we thought we could finish the match.

But you have to include the physical part of the game and also the punching and that kind of thing. It was just one of those plays where I got hit and I fell and it happened.

Was that the move or how did you land on it? “I thought it was a hit, I haven’t even seen the song yet.

Like I said, I got hit and fell backwards. It just happened. Once I see it with the team, I will have a better answer.”

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