SAD NEWS : Norwich key player to miss training due to mental health issue….

A suicide prevention video produced by Norwich City Football Club has been hailed as “incredibly powerful” by European ruling body UEFA.

The moving video, posted on the club’s social media channels to mark World Mental Health Day on Tuesday, uses two football fans to highlight the hidden signs of mental health conditions.

Norwich City FC said it wanted to “make a difference” in any way it could.

The video has been viewed online tens of millions of times.
Fans from across the world, as well as global organisations, have taken to social media to thank the club for its support and awareness.

One fan posted: “As someone who has been there and recovered, this is the most impactful video I have ever seen.”

While another wrote: “Cried my eyes out at this. What a beautifully made message.”

According to the UK government, suicide is the biggest cause of death, external in men under the age of 50.

Football is often used as a way of reaching fans that may be in need of additional support.

In 2019, the Football Association (FA) launched an initiative, external to encourage men to comfortably talk about their mental health, in the same way that they would about football.

While former footballers such as Rio Ferdinand and Darren Eadie have spoken out about their own struggles.
On Saturday, Norwich City FC changed its shirt sponsor to the suicide prevention charity, Samaritans,, external in its 1-1 draw away to Coventry City.

The club said it hoped to continue its mental health awareness campaign in the coming days.

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