SAD NEWS FROM : Everton player has have upset dressing room after what he did recently…..


The 22-year-old said he has high-quality team-mates on the international stage, which helps boost his morale, while not speaking like his Toffees teammates.

Ball, who is also a BBC pundit, believes he should speak to Seamus Coleman about the situation.
He told the Liverpool Echo: “Onana also spoke about how being in an environment with ‘high quality players’ at international level has boosted his morale, another comment that could Not very nice with colleagues at Everton.

“I think someone like Seamus Coleman would be perfectly suited to talk to Onana. Seamus saw it all as captain and would understand what Onana was talking about, but you can’t disrespect your teammates. “Onana is not the best player week in and week out. He still has a lot to learn.

“Yes, he has a lot of talent and potential but he is far from finished paper. Unless you start playing eight, nine, ten games in a row, you can’t think you’re bigger or better than anyone in that locker room.

Onana is not an experienced player so he doesn’t know how to interpret his comments and it doesn’t sound like they were taken out of context.

Everyone knows Belgium has more successful players than Everton, but that’s not something he’s allowed to say publicly.

This makes it seem like he doesn’t appreciate his teammates at club level and is only happy to play for his country.
Sean Dyche and Coleman need to talk to him and see where his problems come from and how to solve them.

They must also make it clear to him that these interviews cannot take place.

It remains to be seen how Dyche will react to these comments, as he will likely be asked about them at his next press conference.

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