James Maddison claims his 25-year-old Tottenham team-mate gave him a ‘blow on the head’.

Tottenham Hotspur star James Maddison has reacted to a video of Cristian Romero punching him in the head as he celebrated a goal.

The Englishman has adapted perfectly to Spurs. He has also had a great start to the season and even won the Premier League Player of the Month award in August.

Tottenham’s James Maddison reacts to video of Cristian Romero hitting him in the head

If there’s one word to describe Tottenham star Cristian Romero, it’s probably ‘aggressive’. The 25-year-old Argentine is a fearless defender.

He will put his body on the line on multiple occasions to win the ball back for his team, and Spurs fans love him for it.

Romero’s aggression is not just limited to his style of play, but he also gets a little emotional every time Tottenham scores a goal.

This happened recently when James Maddison was celebrating and Spurs’ new signing suffered a blow to the head which he said looked like whiplash.

In response to a video in which a fan wrote “obligatory headshot from Romero,” Maddison said, “I actually thought at the time that because I was in the middle of the celebration, I didn’t really feel it, but I felt a little whiplash in the neck.

“I guess, from what some fans and other people have said, that he gets pretty aggressive when he’s partying.

“If you watch the clip again, it immediately hits me and my head flies off.”

James Maddison has only been at Tottenham for a few months, so Romero’s head knocks are relatively new to him.

However, we are sure he will get used to it soon.
Romero is a fantastic character on the team, isn’t he? Yes, he’s extremely annoying when he’s not playing for your team, but Spurs fans love him and his performances this season have been excellent.

Tottenham face Sheffield United this afternoon and Romero and Maddison are expected to start.

If the latter scores, it will be interesting to see if he receives another blow to the head.

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