Here’s how to win hospitality tickets for Burnley’s match against Manchester United

Gary Neville and Alastair Campbell have launched a competition to win hospitality tickets for Burnley against Manchester United.


Former footballer Gary Neville and spin specialist Alastair Campbell are offering people the chance to experience hospitality at Burnley FC’s Premier League match against Manchester United.

The draw aims to celebrate 10 years since Burnley was named the UK’s most entrepreneurial region in 2013.

It was written by former Manchester United right-back Neville, now a television pundit after a short managerial career, and Campbell, a proud Claret best known as Tony Blair’s communications director and now supported author and broadcaster podcast.

Both men are asking people under 30 on their X profiles (formerly Twitter) to share their stories of leadership, whether in their community, workplace or place of training.

Since 2013, Burnley has seen dramatic change, with the expansion of Burnley College and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), the opening of Pioneer Place, purpose-built student accommodation in Sandygate, and Burnley Council taking over Charter Walk to protect its future. .

The most entrepreneurial area in Great Britain has been assigned for the revolutionary Burnley Burnley Bondwarden Scheme program, which brought together the public and private sector to make pressure for investments in the city.

The most important results in the decade included the fact of obtaining pioneer place from the ground, the opening of the direct railway connection of the Todmorden curve in Manchester, the redevelopment of Newtown Mill for the expansion of UCAN and the launch of the future leaders program.

Rachel Bayley, Brandley Place Brand Manager, said: “Burnley has traveled over the past 10 years.

“This month we are organizing an exclusive Burnley Bondwolder event to celebrate the milestone of the prize, but above all, the incredible results that Burnley has protected since then and the next generation of corporate leaders who will bring our municipality to a different level.

“We are happy that Gary and Alastair the success of Burnley, the importance of young people, recognize and support the ticket -weggefactie.

“Both are proud Northern citizens who also understand the importance of our football club and the investment it has made within our community.”

Russell Ball, director of fan experience at Burnley FC, said: “Nowhere are fans as passionate as at Burnley and it has been fantastic to see the area evolve over the last ten years to where it is today.

“We are delighted to welcome Manchester United to Turf Moor, as well as the worthy winners of this giveaway.

“As a club we invest in developing the next generation of talent, both on and off the pitch, within the club or with our external partners.

“We look forward to hearing inspiring stories of leadership from young people.”

The winners of the giveaway will be announced on Thursday 14 September, after closing at 12pm. The competition will take place on Saturday 23 September.

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