They’ll kill me’: Fabrizio Romano says he has news about Spurs that he can’t share yet

Tottenham appear to have concluded a deal to sign Luka Vskovic from Hajduk Split, but the details of this deal are still unknown.

While Vskovic has been touted as a £12 million player in the past, we don’t know how much Spurs will pay for the centre-back, while we’re also none the wiser when it comes to his wage demands or the length of his contract. to contract.

One man who is usually in the know is obviously Fabrizio Romano, and on the Here We Go podcast he claims to have the details of this deal, but he can’t share them yet until everything is finalized and official. .

Romano was cryptic about the Vuskovic affair.
“Yes, I have the details, but I can’t share them otherwise they will kill me,” Romano joked. “No, I will try to provide as many details as possible so we can share what happened.

This is an important deal for Tottenham. Seeing a player like Luka Vuskovic, wanted by many clubs in Europe, was wanted by many clubs, PSG, wanted to sign him and Manchester City made an official offer, two super clubs approached the player and there was another English club, I can I’m not saying it now, but I will say it very soon.

It seems that more and more details about this agreement will emerge in the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see what the finer points of this agreement will be.

Vskovic is a highly regarded young player, so he won’t have come cheap, but it looks like we’ll have to wait and see what kind of fee Spurs pay here.

Keep an eye on this deal as it looks like a few more details are yet to emerge.

Oliver Skipp suspects 22-year-old Tottenham player is unrealistic in training

Tottenham made a number of big signings this summer, but perhaps one of their best deals was a free transfer.

In fact, Manor Solomon joined Tottenham on a free transfer in the summer and was taken to Spurs like a duck to water.

The Israeli has provided two assists in just 70 minutes in the league so far this season and it appears he is also shining behind the scenes.

On Tottenham’s YouTube channel, Oliver Skipp explained that Solomon was really good in small team games during Spurs training, as he and his teammates tried to create an ultimate five-point shot based on Spurs’ stats. EA FC 24 before the release of the new game. Build a team of five.

Skipp spoke briefly about Salomon after his selection by the opposing team. “He’s really good for small games, yeah,” Skipp said.

“He has a rating of 77,” the host said.
“I think he should be 79 after the last match?” Added Emerson Royal.

It’s not at all surprising to hear that Solomon is unreal in a small game.

The winger does most of his best work when he’s in a tight space and has to make small touches and dribble past a number of players, and that’s the name of the game when it comes to five-a-side or seven-on-seven games.

The winger may not be the most energetic or tactical player in the Tottenham team, but when it comes to having that creative spark, the winger is among the best in the Tottenham team.

Solomon would be an incredible player to have on your futsal team, that’s for sure.

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