“Unfinished Business: Leon Draisaitl Commits to Oilers for the Long Haul”

The recent run by the Edmonton Oilers should help in contract negotiations with Leon Draisaitl.

Since the devastating loss in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, there have been doubts about Leon Draisaitl’s future with the Edmonton Oilers as he approaches the final year of his contract. His agent has urged the team to secure an extension before training camp begins, warning that the Oilers could risk losing one of their top players if a deal isn’t reached.


However, despite the uncertainty, there’s a sense of unfinished business in Edmonton following the team’s recent journey to the Cup Final. Analyst Frank Corrado expressed confidence in Draisaitl’s commitment to the Oilers, especially with the team’s strengthened lineup through early offseason acquisitions. The addition of players like Viktor Arvidsson and Jeff Skinner demonstrates a shared belief in the team’s potential to win a Stanley Cup.


Corrado suggested that a favorable deal for Draisaitl is likely, given his exceptional talent and value to the team. The sense of unfinished business and the strengthened team may inspire Draisaitl to commit to seeing the job through in Edmonton, further solidifying his legacy with the Oilers. For the latest news, exclusive interviews, and more, be sure to follow Breakaway OnSI for updates.

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