The 2024 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals saw a number of the drivers come together to share their well-wishes and heartwarming messages to John Force who is continuing his treatment in hospital following his horrific crash.

The emotional turn of the event was highlighted during a touching segment where a compilation of videos was shared by NHRA. Featured in the video is Jeg Coughlin Jr, Cruz Pedregon, Steve Torrence, Greg Anderson, Tony Schumacher, Antron Brown, Dean Antonelli, and Erica Enders

“John Force, a legend in the world of NHRA drag racing, is an inspiration to all drag racers. His unexpected absence due to an on-track incident in Virginia has left an unfillable void in the racing community. The racers, crew members, and fans all felt the weight of his absence in Norwalk. On this weekend, the NHRA on Fox crew captured the raw, heartfelt emotions of racers who took a moment from their intense schedules to send their well-wishes to John.

“As the racers sped down the track, each run seemed to carry a little extra weight – a tribute to Force’s enduring legacy and the hope for his swift return. The spirit of unity was palpable, reminding everyone that the NHRA family stands strong, no matter the challenges. In Norwalk, Ohio, it wasn’t just about the race; it was about coming together to support a legend. The 2024 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals will be remembered not just for the thrilling rounds, but for the outpouring of love and respect for John Force. Here’s to a speedy recovery, John – the NHRA family awaits your return.”

John Force
John Force, driver of the Castrol High Mileage Ford funny car waves to the fans during the NHRA Carolinas Nationals on September 20, 2009 at Zmax Dragway in Concord, North Carolina. NHRA drivers share…  RUSTY JARRETT/GETTY IMAGES

John Force’s harrowing ordeal began during the Virginia Nationals when his car, accelerating to speeds near 300 mph, experienced a catastrophic engine failure. The resulting crash sent his vehicle hurtling into concrete barriers, necessitating immediate airlifting to a trauma center. There, the severity of his condition was evident as he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and placed under intensive care. His team revealed the gravity of those initial days in a recent update:

“Early in the treatment process of his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he failed to follow the series of commands to open his eyes, squeeze the hands of his care providers and move his extremities. Occasionally, he was able to respond with slight movements, but it wasn’t until he moved from trauma intensive care unit to neuro intensive care unit on Wednesday that he began to gain some momentum.

“He became more consistent responding to commands and finally opened his eyes on day five. Following days of failed attempts, his wife and daughters were overcome with emotion when he murmured his name, ‘John Force,’ and later when prompted, gave a thumbs up.”

“The biggest challenge has been managing his extreme agitation and confusion, which causes him significant distress. He has repeatedly tried to get out of bed and has been restrained; his doctors have humorously described him as a raging bull. However, he recognized his daughters, wife, Laurie, and called them each by name. And spoke the words, ‘I love you.’ This, along with continued daily progress has uplifted their spirits.”