Browns highlight Rob Gronkowski’s intriguing Mac Jones throw as Patriots release QB

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a first-time voter, there’s no doubt about that.

Hall of Fame player. However, after comments he raised about current Patriots quarterback Mac Jones possibly joining the Cleveland Browns, it’s fair to question Gronk’s suitability for any future GM job he has in mind.

On Wednesday, Gronk floated a wild scenario to resolve the Patriots’ chaotic QB situation. “I think ultimately, even now, Mac Jones should just ask for his release … and if it’s granted, he should sign with the Cleveland Browns and start a new career,” he told Kay of the Up and Adams Show . Adams.

“I don’t think he’s a good fit (in New England) anymore, it just doesn’t seem right anymore,” the Pats legend told Adams of Jones’ time with the Pats.

The Browns were a good fit for Gronk because they “need a quarterback” and would provide Jones with “weapons around him, and that would then determine whether Mac Jones was the real deal or not.”

Gronk sees Jones as a “decent quarterback” who should have a career in the NFL. But he also sees a player in whom Belichick has lost faith.

Is Belichick done with Jones?
“Kay, listen to me…he’s not respected in New England. Coach Belichick played all these games with him. Bailey Zappe isn’t even close to Mac Jones’ level.

You should never sit on Mac Jones,” was Gronkowski’s interpretation of Belichick’s tendency to bench Jones during games this season.

In addition to losing his coach’s trust, Gronk also pointed to the supporting cast around Jones as a reason for wanting to leave.

“I don’t even think he has that many weapons around him. I mean, they make passes at the end of the game to come in and tie the game, or to come in and possibly take the lead, and they give them easy balls.

A clearly skeptical Adams referred to Gronk’s plan to charitably bring Jones to the Browns as “not impossible” and the thought of it happening “insane.”

It seems highly unlikely that the Patriots would take a chance on a former first-round draft pick who led the team to a playoff appearance just two seasons ago. On the other hand, Belichick plays by his own rules, rules that Gronk knows better than anyone.

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