Detroit Lions re-sign Devine Ozigbo to practice squad

The Detroit Lions have reportedly made a calculated move in re-signing running back Devine Ozigbo. This strategic decision aims to bolster the depth in the Lions’ running backs’ ranks.

Ozigbo had a brief stint with the Lions during training camp, and it’s worth mentioning that there’s a significant connection between Dan Campbell and Ozigbo, stemming from their shared time together with the New Orleans Saints.

Ozigbo is Back for More

Undrafted in 2019, Devine Ozigbo has traversed a winding path through the NFL, representing four different franchises on his professional journey.

Although his on-field statistics may initially appear modest, totaling just 27 rushing yards and 75 receiving yards, Ozigbo has demonstrated glimpses of his potential.

His NFL adventure began with the New Orleans Saints in 2019, and he later seized playing opportunities with the Jacksonville Jaguars, making brief appearances in Denver and New England. In the 2022 season, Ozigbo’s participation was limited to a mere three carries for four yards.

Calculated Roster Move: The Detroit Lions have made a deliberate and calculated decision to bring back running back Devine Ozigbo.

Ozigbo’s NFL Journey: Devine Ozigbo’s NFL journey has been a remarkable one. Since going undrafted in 2019, he has navigated through four different NFL franchises, displaying resilience and adaptability.

Shared History with Campbell: It’s worth noting that there’s a significant connection between Devine Ozigbo and head coach Dan Campbell, stemming from their shared time together with the New Orleans Saints.

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Bottom Line: Ozigbo Gets Another Look

The re-signing of Devine Ozigbo is not only a strategic depth move for the Detroit Lions but also a testament to Ozigbo’s resilience and adaptability throughout his NFL journey.

His shared history with head coach Dan Campbell adds an interesting dimension to this calculated roster decision, making Ozigbo a player to watch as he returns to the Lions.

With that being said, the hope is that the Lions running backs stable remains healthy for the remainder of the season and that Ozigo does not have to be used.

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