Bad news from Luton Airport on fire…..

Luton Airport has provided further updates on the next stages of its process after the recent car park fire.

Fire broke out in the Terminal Car Park 2 adjacent to the main airport terminal on the evening of Tuesday 10th October, causing substantial damage to both the car park building and several of the cars parked in the facility.

In a statement published on the airport’s website, Luton Airport’s Operations Director Neil Thompson said they had begun part of the process for stabilising the site.

The statement said they were beginning with the removal of vehicles on the top deck of the site in order to help with this, and that removed vehicles being stored in a safe compound for people affected to discuss next steps with their insurance companies.

The statement also confirmed that with the site still designated unsafe, they were yet to provide an assessment on cars affected on other levels.

Neil Thompson’s statement read, “The complex process of removing around a hundred cars from the top deck of Terminal Car Park 2 for stabilisation purposes is now well underway.

“Although work has at times been interrupted by high winds, we are continuing to make good progress, with more than 30 vehicles successfully removed since work began over the weekend. We expect this work to be completed by the end of the week.

“All vehicles removed from the top deck are being taken for storage in a safe compound. We are providing the registration details of those vehicles to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, so they can notify the insurance companies concerned. Where possible, we will be notifying customers whose cars have been recovered so you can discuss next steps with your insurer.

“For those with cars on other levels, there is still no change to our original position that most vehicles are likely to be unsalvageable. As the car park remains unsafe, we are unable to provide information about individual vehicles at this stage.

“Please remain in contact with your insurance company for advice and support and to enable claims to be processed as quickly as possible. We worked hard to pass the registration details of all vehicles to insurance companies as quickly as possible and we are pleased to see many claims have already been settled.

“Although there is little more I can add at this stage, I will continue to update you with progress.

“We know this has been a distressing time, and as ever, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding and reassure you that I’ll be back in touch as soon as I have any news to share.”

As part of recent updates, it has been confirmed that the DART rail shuttle running from Luton Airport Parkway railway station to the airport is now back in operation, having been closed due to the airport end side being close to the affected car park.

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