Postecoglou doesn’t get carried away by Tottenham’s unbeaten record

Tottenham have been the surprise package of the Premier League season so far

Postecoglou’s team recorded a comfortable 2-0 home win against Fulham

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Ange Postecoglou can only name Tottenham’s title contenders if they are still top of the Premier League with just a few games of the season left.

Unbeaten Spurs could be five points clear on Friday and the atmosphere around the club is so upbeat and above all festive after the match that he joked: “Most clubs want to turn their stadium into a fortress, ours will be a nightclub “.

But instead of showing his dancing feet, Postecoglou keeps them firmly on the ground.
He said: ‘Look, if we’re in this position at around 36, 37 games, then I might look into it [Spurs are in the title race].

“There’s a good reason why no coach will talk about winning a title in October or November, because we know there’s still a long way to go.

Ange Postecoglou insists he is not thinking of competing for the Premier League Goals from James Maddison and Son Heung-min have put Spurs back at the top of the table

Postecoglou has no intention of emulating Palace boss Roy Hodgson and in his 70s

“It’s not about jokes, giggling or me coming in and putting my considerable weight out there. I’m the same, it doesn’t matter.
“I hope that when people see me, they don’t know where we are, what position we have.

“At Celtic we were at the top for a long time, but in the beginning, when we were at the top, I don’t think people saw anything different in my behaviour. I don’t think they will (here).”

Postecoglou instead likes to leave the task of dreaming and expressing joy to others. He said: ‘I’m not skipping this place, but I’m really happy. I love what I do. There are no other levels of contentment in me.

“Success isn’t what it does for me, it’s what it does for others. The cases where I’ve had success usually come from long periods of failure and a lot of people have suffered from that, then you see them enjoy that [success] and that’s where you get the buzz.

Postecoglou’s priority is to continue to improve Spurs and make everything they do now sustainable. To emphasize his point, when asked where his tabletops could be improved, he said, “Everything. We still have to grow in all sectors.’

In addition to his impact as a manager, Postecoglou’s self-deprecation is one of the reasons why he is so loved at Spurs.
And when asked if he will make it to 70 like his counterpart on Friday, Roy Hodgson, he said:

“That’s not the plan: 76… somewhere on a Greek island, maybe lying on watch football matches from all over the world.” . gain some expert knowledge and become an expert overnight. That’s the plan, but you never know in life.

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