According to the report: Everton are ready to step in if…………..

Everton: Others ready to step in if 777 Partners deal falls through – journo

Journo: Several parties ready for Everton takeover if 777 deal falls through, they expect it to

Everton takeover news: Several parties ready to step in if 777 Partners deal falls through – Paul Brown

Several parties remain interested in buying Everton should the proposed 777 Partners takeover fall through, according to journalist Paul Brown.

The Telegraph reported on Wednesday (25 October) that the Premier League has recommended Everton be docked 12 points if found guilty of breaching financial rules, which would instantly lead to the threat of relegation and huge financial concerns.

However, former Daily Star reporter Brown posted on his Twitter page on Thursday (26 October) that the threat of administration would not put off prospective buyers.

“Some Everton news,” he said. “Understand several parties are still interested in buying the club should 777 takeover fall through, & that some of them expect it to.

“If club was to go into administration, interest would remain strong. Most parties felt Moshiri’s asking price was too high.

“Clearly, things could change if Everton are hit with a 12-point penalty (many feel it’s unlikely), end up relegated, & are successfully sued by rivals (many feel this too is unlikely). But situation does not appear to be ‘777 or bust’ right now.”

On the back of plenty of bad news over the past few days, including the passing of chairman Bill Kenwright, this is at least a positive development of sorts.

It has appeared for a while now that all of Everton’s eggs are in one basket with regards to 777 Partners, with that takeover process now going through various checks.

Given the amount of questions raised with regard to the American investment fund’s financial history, there is still a very good chance that deal will collapse in the coming weeks.

That, combined with the possibility of a massive points deduction, has left supporters fearing the worst with Farhad Moshiri at the helm.

But it must be remembered that Everton remain a big name, and there are others out there seemingly ready to step in if the 777 takeover does indeed collapse.

Exactly who that is remains to be seen, but at least the 777 deal is not the be-all and end-all if this update is anything to go by.

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