NEWS UPDATE : The Crossroads Collective dining hall is welcoming new vendors.

The food hall at Crossroads Collective, 2238 N, will welcome new vendors.

Farwell Avenue.

With a soft opening in November, Ready to Roll, which offers a unique spin on classic egg rolls, will begin a six-month residency at the food hall. Nov. 2 and a grand opening. 10.

Before recently relocating back to her hometown of Milwaukee, Shatoia Robinson, 43, ran a food truck business in Chicago.

Robinson, a self-described “foodie,” was inspired by his friends who were Chicago chefs or restaurant workers.

I adore how food fosters community, she said.

“I want to demonstrate what can be accomplished by using food as a tool.

The Italian beef vegan eggroll, the chicken Philly eggroll, the Mongolian beef and broccoli eggroll, and the collard green eggroll are all available on the menu. .

Eggrolls can be ordered either already dipped or with a dipping sauce with every order.

According to a restaurant license application, Mex Avenue will also merge with Crossroads Collective.

Mex Avenue has a location in Wauwatosa at 11200 West. Burleigh Street.

serves beverages and food from Mexico.

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