According to the report: £50m Premier League striker has many admirers at Liverpool – reporter

Wolves winger Pedro Neto has many fans in Liverpool at the moment.

The Red are linked with a move for Neto as they consider whether to replace Mohamed Salah next summer.

At the moment, the 23-year-old appears to be in the “One to Watch” category. And journalist Neil Jones, in a report for the Daily Briefing today, reiterates that Neto is certainly a player who will be ‘admired’ at Anfield.

“Given the way he started the Premier League season, it doesn’t surprise me that Pedro Neto’s name is associated with top clubs,” says the journalist.

“The Wolves man has always been a great talent, admired by almost every big team, including Liverpool, but injuries have set him back considerably in recent years.

“Now he’s fit again, we’re seeing what he can do and the pace and threat he brings, as well as the room for development he has at 23, marks him out as someone who could be considered for a move to the Champions League.

I can definitely take the next step.” Club.“Whether it’s Liverpool – besides, they have yet to return to the Champions League! – that remains to be seen. I know Neto has admirers at Anfield and his versatility and ability would suit a Jurgen Klopp side well.

“But in my opinion the same goes for Mikel Arteta or Pep Guardiola’s team. I think it’s potentially at that level.”Liverpool continue to admire Neto Neto’s early form in the Premier League has been excellent this season.

If Liverpool needed a reminder of how good the 23-year-old can be, they got it ten days ago when he tore Manchester City apart.In a way, maybe that reminder was necessary. 

While  he has shown flashes of brilliance during his time at Wolves, we haven’t seen him in a while, at least not consistently.But in this kind of form, it’s easy to see why the Liverpool staff would be so keen on Neto. 

With a price tag of £50m [Metro], the Portugal international wouldn’t be particularly cheap. But after all, this is the price range Liverpool are used to making signings at.Diogo Jota didn’t cost much below that figure when he entered in 2020.

At the time it seemed like a lot for a player who had only recently been in the Championship, but since then it looked like a smart deal.If the Reds managed to snap up Jota’s international colleague for a similar fee, it would be another job at hand.

However, if Neto continues to perform like he did against City, Wolves might think they can get a little more out of it.If this is the case, Liverpool may have to bow out of the race.

However, at the moment, they are still stuck there.

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