Manchester United fans react to the club’s official announcement about Andre Onana.

Andre Onana is having a difficult time right now as he struggles with the pressures of playing for Manchester United.

Performing for Manchester United is unlike any other club in the world in terms of pressure and expectation. Andre Onana, the club’s new signing, has come under intense scrutiny.

Consider how radio critics blasted him for weeks for simply yelling at Harry Maguire during a pre-season friendly.

So when errors started to creep into his game, it really piled on. Andre Onana is self-critical and compounding his mistakes, unable to break the pattern.

Club legend Peter Schmeichel has stated that he is chatting one-on-one with Onana to help guide him through this difficult phase, while the club is also doing its part.

Andre Onana’s statement from Manchester United
Manchester United came from behind to defeat Brentford 2-1 at Old Trafford on Saturday. This came after a goal that may have been avoided in the first half.

While Scott McTominay was lauded for his injury-time brace, Manchester United made a point of highlighting Andre Onana’s late contribution.

The club praised Onana for keeping United in the game and permitting the late comeback.

Making room for injury-time drama.

It’s a valid point, and Onana deserves a pat on the back for his contribution, which has mostly gone unnoticed, with the goal conceded being the most notable aspect of his performance.

The manner in which United has served to accentuate the good aspects of his game speaks volumes about the club’s belief that Onana requires confidence and positive reinforcement right now.

Manchester United supporters react
Manchester United fans had a mixed reaction to Manchester United’s post on Onana.

“Trying to cover up the complete howlers in the games before… my nan could have saved those,” one wrote. “Take care of yourself.”

“You guys are making it look like he’s doing something outstanding,” said another. De Gea accomplished it again and again.”

“I understand that he needs time to prove himself, but at what cost?” read a third message. We can’t praise a fish for being a good swimmer.”

There were, however, more optimistic messages. “Great save and win,” one admirer tweeted, while another simply said, “Good job, Onana.”

“Those late saves by Onana were so crucial!” said another remark. United was kept in the game for the thrilling end.”

Another fan saw through United’s actions, tweeting simply, “Propaganda huh.”

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