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New York City FC player ratings are determined by Hudson River Blue readers.

NYCFC vs. DC United player ratings

Here are your NYCFC player ratings for the heavy away loss to DC United at Audi Field that left New York’s season on the rocks.

Starting XI Mounsef Bakrar (from 80′) – 3.9 Mounsef really struggled to get into the match as he only managed 20 touches and 2 shots on the night. He didn’t reach the level of service he saw in recent matches, but he could have done more to contribute.Fotmob gave the striker a 6.1.

Talles Magno (from 72′) – 5.9I thought Talles was our most dangerous player on Saturday, even though he wasn’t at his best. I was disappointed that it was replaced. Fotmob gave the winger a 6.7 for his contribution. Andres Jasson (from 60′) – 4.0

While Homegrown came into the game in great form, they didn’t bring the same end product we’ve seen in recent games. As usual, he passed the ball well and was effective off the dribble, but everything seemed to fall apart when he reached the final third.

Fotmob gave the American a 6.8.Santiago Rodríguez – 5.6I thought he looked pretty solid, but Santi didn’t take control of the game the way we needed him to. We’ve seen the DP take games by the scruff of the neck in big games before, including last week in Miami, but that wouldn’t happen until tonight. Fotmob gave the number 10 a 7.1, the highest of any NYCFC player on the night.

James Sands – 5.4Jimmy was jammed all over the field on Saturday and he seemed to appreciate the importance of this game to our season.In my eyes he looked the part.

He broke up play effectively and was strong in possession all night. With the exception of a full takeover game, I think in games like this you can only do so much by holding onto the midfielder. Fotmob gave Sands a 6.7.

Andrés Perea – 5.2While no one in Washington was watching him closely, Andrés Parea continues to impress as a versatile midfielder for this on-loan NYCFC team, especially with the season-ending injuries to Maxi Moralez and Keaton Parks.

If there was a way to get Perea in permanently, I would be all for it.Fotmob gave the Philadelphia loanee a 5.8.Kevin O’Toole – 4.6I think questions can be asked about O’Toole’s score on DC’s first goal, where it appeared a miscommunication between him and Perea led to Steve Birnbaum’s header and Mateusz Klich’s rebound.

Aside from lateral stretches, O’Toole was effective in advancing and creating dangerous moments for himself and his teammates. On another night, he could have easily scored a goal, an assist, or both.

Fotmob gave the full-back a rating of 6.6.Tayvon Gray – 5.3Tayvon wasn’t as comfortable in possession as in recent games, but I thought he had a pretty solid performance. But given the number of big chances DC was able to generate, I hesitate to celebrate a defender’s performance too much.

Fotmob rated the Jamaican international 6.7.Birk Risa (from 72′) – 3.9It was an ordinary performance marred by a brutal moment.

DC United’s second goal was practically a gift from Risa, who sent the ball straight back to Chris Durkin before slipping and going completely off the field.

I like Birk for what he’s brought to NYCFC so far, but that just can’t happen in big games like this.Fotmob gave the Norwegian a 5.9 rating.

Thiago Martins – 4.9The DP centre-back looked decent and, in my opinion, was not responsible for either goal. But two goals are two goals, right?

Fotmob gave it a 6.1.Matt Freese – 6.0You can’t point the finger at Freese for either goal, right?  He made some decent saves along the way and was more or less flawless for 90 minutes. Sometimes it’s the life of a goalie.

Fotmob gave it a 6.2.SubstitutesJulián Fernández (60th minute) – 5.4Julián came on in the 60th minute for a struggling Andres Jasson, giving him a good half hour to make an impact on the match.

WhileI was personally really excited to see the result this way, I don’t think it lived up to my expectations.

Maybe it’s just because I think this guy’s potential is extremely high, or maybe it’s because he’s only 19 but hasn’t had the impact I think he could have.

Fotmob gave the young Argentinian a 6.6 for the performance.

Alonso Martínez (72nd minute) – 4.3 In my opinion it was a bit of a strange decision, given that we replaced a dangerous looking Talles Magno with a player who only played twelve minutes all season. I don’t think Alonso looked bad per se, but it was a big decision by Nick Cushing that didn’t deliver.

Fotmob gave the Costa Rican international a 5.8.Justin Haak (72nd minute) – 4.8Haak came on in the 72nd minute as part of a double substitution alongside Alonso Martínez, with the tandem brought on for Birk Risa and Talles Magno.

He played deeper in this match and acted more like a defender than a midfielder.

He looked pretty solid that day and delivered a flawless result in his 18 minutes of work.Fotmob gave Homegrown a 6.4 rating.

Keaton Parks (80′ away) – 5.0Keaton came on in the 80th minute for center forward Mounsef Bakrar, an interesting replacement for Nick Cushing. He had a decent shot from the top of the box, but it wasn’t enough of the comeback NYCFC needed to keep its playoff hopes realistic.

According to Fotmob, Keaton received a rating of 6.4.Game playerLarge Magno Sizes The people have spoken: Talles Magno is officially back in NYCFC fans’ favor.

Regard less of New York’s playoff situation this season, Talles Magno’s return has been a positive for fans and players alike. Everyone is cheering for the boy and it’s great to see him playing with more confidence.

Now I just hope he stays…Nick Cushing – 2.7I felt sorry for Nick after the game in Miami, where his team was seconds away from an outright victory on the road.

I thought we did more than enough to win this game. How does this cliché about falling and rising again work?

How did we react after getting punched in the face in Miami?

We lost to a DC United team that was eliminated from the playoffs late in the night and didn’t have a head coach. In my opinion, the starting XI was perfect but the substitutions were questionable.

Above all, the team was mentally incapable of dealing with the situation.

No matter how you look at it, team mentality is the manager’s responsibility and it has been lacking all season. arbitrator Fotis Bazakos – 3.8I don’t know what you’re all talking about – we literally had a DC goal called back for no reason and we still lost 2-0.

The referee had no influence on this result. broadcast announcerErik Krakauer, Lloyd Sam (Apple TV) – 5.0A mediocre rating for this Apple duo, although it’s an improvement over the 3.9 rating readers got during the Call of NYCFC vs. Charlotte FC match in July.

Voters seemed to have fewer problems this time with former Red Bull and DC United player Lloyd Sam.

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