Morgan Gibbs-White says the 26-year-old Liverpool player is physically incredible

Liverpool are one of the most physically impressive teams in the Premier League.

The Reds gave a number of players who are incredibly fast, incredibly strong, incredibly fit or, in some cases, all of the above.

The club can play their brand of ‘heavy metal football’ because their players are physically fantastic and according to Morgan Gibbs-White, speaking on the Premier League’s YouTube channel, Diogo Jota is a physically ridiculous player.

Gibbs -White spoke about Jota when given the opportunity to include him in a small team, and says the Portuguese striker is incredible athletically.

Images  spoke about the Liverpool star. “The other team is very good.

jota is very  solid captain, someone you need in your team, he’s a leader and then you have Jota who is athletically incredible, just like Anthony, athletically incredible,” Gibbs-White said.

Exceptional Gibbs is right Jota is incredible physically.

When you look at the striker it’s clear how fast he is, but he also has an incredible engine that gets him through games, and he’s also brilliant in the air.

Jota may be small but he scores a large number of headers because he has a fantastic jump thanks to his incredible physical skills.

Jota may not be the player you think of when you think of the most physically gifted players in the Liverpool squad, but make no mistake: he is among the fastest, strongest and fittest players at Anfield.

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