Diogo Jota’s wife calls Liverpool’s defeat to Tottenham ‘fake’

Diogo Jota’s wife Rute Cardoso has criticized Premier League officials for “rigging” Saturday’s match between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Cardoso was furious with referee Simon Hooper and the PGMOL for sending off Jota within two minutes for two yellow cards against Spurs, who won a controversial match 2-1 thanks to Joel Matip’s injury-time own goal.

She was also annoyed by the red card given to Curtis Jones and the fact Liverpool were denied a clear goal after Luis Diaz was offside.

Cardoso took to social media to denounce Hooper and the PGMOL for their decision on Saturday, prompting an unprecedented statement from Liverpool and leading to both VAR officials being banned from upcoming matches.

He shared a video of Jota’s first foul on Destiny Udogie with a clown emoji and the PGMOL statement with the words “game solved” crossed out.

Cardoso has 36.3k followers on Instagram, where she has expressed her frustration with those responsible.

Cardoso took to social media to complain about the management during Liverpool’s defeat to Spurs.

Jota was sent off in the loss to Spurs, but his wife was also furious with the VAR prank

She shared a video of Jota’s foul on Destiny Udogie with a clown emoji

She also shared the statement of PGMOL crossing out the words “rigged game”.

Jota, replaced at half-time by Jürgen Klopp, received his first yellow card in the 68th minute after bringing down Udogie from behind as he tried to prevent Spurs from counterattacking.

However, replays appear to show that Udogie did indeed stumble after feeling pressure from the Portuguese striker – something Cardoso pointed out.

Less than two minutes later, things got even worse for Jota when he received a second yellow card.

The 26-year-old was dispossessed by Udogie on the right and tried to win it back by sticking out his leg.

But the Liverpool star pushed the Italian away, prompting Hooper to reach into his pocket and pull out a second yellow card.

Liverpool were also denied a clear goal after Diaz went offside, which the PGMOL later admitted was wrong.

A statement from PGMOL said: “PGMOL recognizes that significant human error occurred. “PGMOL will conduct a full review.

“Luiz Díaz’s goal was disallowed by the match officials for offside. “This was a clear and obvious factual error and should have resulted in the goal being awarded thanks to the intervention of the VAR, but the VAR did not intervene. “

Cardoso backed his man and believes Liverpool were hit hard in the 2-1 defeat.

Jota received his first yellow card in the 68th minute of the match after bringing down Udogie from behind while trying to prevent Spurs from counterattacking.

Things went from bad to worse for Jota in the 69th minute of the match when he received a secondyellow card and then a red card.

Liverpool were denied an obvious goal after Luis Diaz was ruled offside

Liverpool then took the unprecedented step of releasing an official statement on the incident.

The club said on Sunday: “Liverpool Football Club acknowledges that PGMOL admitted its mistakes last night.

“It is clear that the laws of the game were not properly enforced, compromising sporting integrity.

“We fully accept the pressure that referees face in the course of their work, but this pressure is intended to be alleviated, not increased, by the existence and implementation of VAR. »

“It is therefore unsatisfactory that there was not enough time to make the right decision and that there was no subsequent intervention.”

“The fact that such failures have already been classified as “significant human error” is also unacceptable. 

All results must be determined solely by verification and with full transparency.

“This is vital for the reliability of future decisions as it applies to all clubs and the results will be used to improve processes to ensure a situation like this does not happen again.”

“In the meantime, given the clear need for escalation and resolution, we will consider the range of options available.”

VAR has ruled out a Liverpool goal against Tottenham despite replays showing Luis Diaz played alongside Cristian Romero.PGMOL has confirmed that VAR manager Darren England (pictured) and VAR assistant Dan Cook ( not in the photo), will leave their functions for the upcoming matches.

The PGMOL previously confirmed that the two VAR officials involved in the major error of disallowing Diaz’s goal, Darren England and Dan Cook, had been banned from future Premier League matches.

It later emerged that the two demoted officers were in the UAE two days before their colossal mistake, which subjected the PGMOL to further scrutiny.

England and Cook officiated a UAE Pro League match between Sharjah and Al Ain on Thursday, which kicked off at 8pm local time.

They completed their 16-hour round trip with a flight back to London on Friday before Tottenham face Liverpool on Saturday.

This has raised eyebrows among Premier League insiders. They feel it wasn’t exactly the best preparation ahead of the biggest game of the weekend, citing concerns over workload and fatigue.

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