Agent says Mohamed Salah earns ‘£1m a week with Liverpool’

Ramy Abbas Issa, Salah’s lawyer and advisor, recently clarified that his client earns a total income of at least £1 million per week.

According to The Guardian, Abbas recently told a Harvard Business School (HBS) study that negotiations over the 31-year-old’s latest contract had begun as early as 2020 but would not be concluded yet. ends before June 2022.

This consultant affirmed that the summer contract negotiations with Liverpool had “completely failed”.
This caused a wave of speculation among fans and rumors that the star was no longer interested in the club began to circulate.

However, just weeks after talks broke down, a breakthrough appears to have been made and the winger has signed a three-year contract.

Regarding the negotiations, Abbas said:
“When you have put your requests on the table and you don’t get anything you’ve asked for, you have to start thinking about parting ways.”

As the discussions drew on longer, the Egyptian is quoted saying:
“I have been positive about the negotiations from the beginning but now that Ramy told me they have not agreed to anything we wanted, I see things differently.
“I feel like the club wants me to stay, and I want to stay, but it’s hard to get a deal done.”

As well as detailing the negotiations, it discusses the moment Abbas made the ‘final’, make-or-break offer to Liverpool.

At the time, it was reported that Salah was on holiday in El Gouna while Abbas was in Dubai.

Speaking about the counter-offer, Abbas – who along with his client agreed to be quoted as if they were speaking in the present day – said:
“We are still very far apart.

“Mohamed isn’t going to throw away his contract because of a 5 per cent difference in what we are asking for and what they are willing to give – it is much more than that.”

“If we find a way to get Liverpool to agree to the salary we have in mind and if Mohamed performs at a level he has achieved in the past seasons…

we conservatively expect the total amount received by Mohamed and the image rights companies over the next few years from both his playing contract and his image rights contracts to be somewhere between €54m (£46.8m) and €62m (£53.7m) per year.”

“That is true on the field, but also off the field. You need to control your emotions and be ready to face pressure.

Although there are no details about what happened, it can be assumed that Liverpool agreed to Abbas’s request.

The Guardian claims that while research cannot determine how much Salah is paid, sources say he earns more through third-party sponsorship deals.

At the time of writing, he has business relationships with sportswear brand Adidas as well as Gucci and PepsiCo.

“That’s true on the field and off the field. You need to control your emotions and be ready to face pressure.

Although there are no details about what happened, it is assumed

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