Aldridge believes Liverpool have ‘the biggest diamond in the world’ which ‘will be worth £250m’

Liverpool have an excellent squad of players, but it seems one man could be considered more valuable than the rest, with a former Red giving his opinion on a star in Jurgen Klopp’s side.


Speaking on the Aldo Meets podcast, John Aldridge said: “My position on Mo is different.

I have to say it. With Mo, we own the largest diamond in the world.

“The best Muslim player of all time, he is 31, he can play in this league until he is 35.” He can play in their league until he’s 40, he’s super fit and they can have him for years to come.

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“I’m telling you now: with one year left on his contract at the end of this season he will be worth £250m.

This is what is appreciated there, not only for football reasons, but also for other reasons. That’s my philosophy on it.”

It is no surprise to know that Mo Salah is so highly regarded by everyone involved in our club.

Let’s hope his value reaches something around the £250 million mentioned above, although let’s also hope that’s not an indicator. him leaving Anfield.

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If our former striker is right that we could see our number 11 playing in the Premier League for another four years, then a new contract beyond his current one could soon be on the table – before another big transfer to the foreigner does not follow in all areas. .

Age is just a number and with the former Roma player keeping himself in such good form, we shouldn’t subject him to the expectations of many before him.

We all know what a diamond the 31-year-old is, and thankfully he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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What does not realize that the average fan is that Mo is a larger star in the middle of Messi and Ronaldo who put together.

It is worthy for every club that leads him only to the sale of shirts

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