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Last week it emerged (Football.London) that Levy, along with Ange Postecoglou and Son Heung-min, are expected to answer questions as part of a fan forum.

Gold confirmed that the match will indeed take place on Tuesday, with 250 fans in attendance at the stadium for the event.

The journalist revealed that Spurs’ chairman and executives also spoke to the advisory board last week and answered questions about the club’s vision and strategy.

During the meeting, an internal manifesto drawn up for all staff earlier this year was presented.

The poster read: ‘N17.It’s more than just a place.

Here, we dare. This is where we do it.

It is the house of our history, our heritage and our past; But here we also focus on the present and the future.Because today is the day we lay the foundations for tomorrow.

Fundamentals that will change lives.For generations.

“Foundations that create extraordinary experiences.Memories that last forever and moments that connect us.

Here we develop our creativity and welcome the world into our culture, into our community. Where our rich diversity shines.

With pride and purpose.Because we all rise when we lift others. DREAM. DARE. DO.

TOGETHER.”In the minutes of the meeting, the club’s main objective was stated as: “To generate income to fund a successful and sustainable football club, which regularly competes at the highest level.

““Football is at the heart of all club activities and is the main driving force of the club.

The club is autonomous and plays in the most competitive league in the world.

“The strategy so far has been to invest in the playing squads, build a new training center and increase stadium capacity.

The focus now is on optimizing these investments – both tangible and intangible – and generating revenue that will allow the club to reinvest in players and create a successful club.

“Improve on-field performance through investment in first teams, scouting and recruitment.

The club has already highlighted the need to improve recruitment and has undertaken a review of football operations in this context.

“Develop new and diversified revenue streams – to further fund investment in football and reduce reliance on football revenue to protect the long-term sustainability of the club.

»“Improve our facilities and operations through continuous innovation and lead the way in delivering exceptional player and fan experiences – be digital and data-driven to improve fan engagement, service and interaction.

” “We are revitalizing our neighborhood.

The club has made significant progress in providing housing, schools and jobs.

According to Gold, director Matthew Collecott then claimed that Spurs had spent £847,442,145 since the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium opened in 2019, a net spend of £605,811,964.

The accounts provided put Tottenham’s spending for last season at £195,614,698, with net spending of £148,621,308.

Available figures so far show that Spurs have spent £253,776,545 and recouped £95,367,224 in the 2023/24 season, with net spend for the season standing at £158,409,321.

Gold revealed that Levy later said: “Significant investments have been made to secure the future, on and off the pitch.

“Club revenue was solely that generated by club operations.

“To be effective, financial fair play had to be correctly applied.

The focus now is on maximizing revenue and ensuring the club’s funding strategy is sustainable and long-term.

The club is doing everything it can to maximize its revenue so it can return to the first team.

There is no doubt that Tottenham’s net spend has been quite high over the last four years, but we have made some poor personnel decisions, which have been exacerbated by poor appointments to senior positions.

After several years of missteps, things now seem to be moving in the right direction.

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