Sad News: Liverpool supporters told Germany they will adore Jurgen Klopp “anytime soon.”

After Hansi Flick is fired, Andy Townsend claims he ‘can’t see’ Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool to take over as Germany’s next manager.

Germany has opted to break ways with Hans I. Flick before hosting Euro 2024.

Nobody should be surprised that Jurgen Klopp has been mentioned frequently in discussions about the next manager of Germany.

Townsend, a former captain of Aston Villa, said on talkSPORT Breakfast (12/09/23 at 6:55 am) that Liverpool’s manager will take over that position “down the line,” but it won’t happen anytime soon.

Mohamed Salah, one of Liverpool’s main players, was hotly connected with a move to Saudi Arabia over the summer, and there was rumor that the club’s owners intended to get rid of him.

And now that Townsend is sharing his opinions with Klopp, they might experience the same thing.

Will Klopp take over as Germany’s next coach?

Again, Townsend said, “I don’t see him leaving Liverpool.” He won’t be departing anytime soon, in my opinion.

“However, I do see Jurgen Klopp managing the international squad in the future. But as of now, I don’t see it occurring.

In reference to Klopp being Germany’s top target, Townsend remarked later in the program: “Wow, ooof. In my opinion, no. I am not seeing that.

Job of Klopp at Liverpool

It had been over 30 years since the Merseyside giants had won the English championship when Klopp took over as manager of Liverpool.

The devoted fans of Anfield want to experience the old glory days once more.

And even though Klopp didn’t spend extravagantly like some of his competitors, the £302k-per-week manager nevertheless managed to win the Premier League and the Champions League for Liverpool.

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