Manager Vincent Kompany of Burnley Football Club believes defensive issues can be resolved in a Premier League comeback.

As he evaluates his team’s recent struggles during the Premier League’s international break, Clarets manager Vincent Kompany has given his team’s recent struggles some thought.

Since returning to the top level, where they currently sit last with the most goals conceded, the Turf Moor team has struggled.

And Kompany, who rose to prominence for Manchester City as a strong center-half, acknowledges that the Burnley defense needs improvement.

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“You play against good teams, and when you give them the chance to score, they penalize you.

Every game we play is something we go through with the staff, and I would be concerned if there were issues we felt we couldn’t resolve with the players we now have, he stated before adding that solutions may be found.

“It is doable; we just need to get back our game’s routines and solutions to stop these events from occurring.

But we’re playing against good sides and those players don’t need many chances to score.

“The biggest things for me when you review a game are: are things fixable? In one of the first games there’s a goal from Haaland, is it fixable? Maybe not that one. But there are other things, is it coachable and is it fixable?

“Especially for me, even last season, it was the story for the beginning of a lot of games even in the Championship. But from our experience as coaches it’s about reviewing, putting in the training content and following through on demands for players to progress in certain areas.

“If you look at the Forest game, for example, we had the two games before where we can show the players ‘look, these are areas we need to pay attention to’.

“For example, the speed of the counters are completely different to that in the Championship, so we can warn them as much as we want before the season because we obviously knew about it before we got into the league, but until it really happens you don’t really believe it or find the tools, so we’re really big on that.

“Our team is filled with players who have loads of margin to improve, they just need to be willing to work hard and they are.”

Fixing problems and the jump from Championship

Kompany has already admitted the jump from the Championship to the Premier League is the biggest in the world of footbal, but is confident the Clarets can soon get to grips with their new surroundings.

“It’s a concern for every club that advances. The success of teams like Fulham, Nottingham Forest, and Bournemouth in maintaining their status in the division is evident, but if you look at the three or four seasons prior to that, a lot of money was invested in those squads.

“Sitting at the table comes with a hefty price, and we’re trying to do the same to ensure that the team is as prepared as possible to give ourselves a chance.

“There is nothing you can do in one transfer window to close the gap from the Championship to the Premier League so hopefully we will gel as a team and as a club to the level that is necessary to get the results,” said the player.

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