BREAKING NEWS: Lewis Hamilton explained why he refuses to sign helmets as F1 star…

Racing star Lewis Hamilton has been branded as ‘disappointing’ for refusing to sign a helmet after a race, but he’s previously explained why he won’t put his autograph on one.

In a clip that’s been widely shared online, Hamilton can be seen signing autographs for fans. Yet when someone tries to hand over a helmet to be signed, the Mercedes driver bats them away with a shake of his head and a hand gesture.

Hamilton then continues signing autographs and smiling for pictures from Formula 1 fans.

One social media user shared the clip on X, as they asked: “Someone tell me what was on that helmet that he refused to sign it?”

Some fans responded as one branded the racing driver as ‘disappointing’ for refusing to sign the helmet.

However, many fans shared theories, as one wrote: “I think part of it has to do with [money emoji], some items prices goes up if an athlete or actor sign it and that’s one of them.”

A second added: “He knew dude was going to sell it on eBay. He didn’t want him to get that money.”

A third claimed: “He won’t sign it because as soon as his name hits that helmet it’s worth a small fortune.”

Yet someone else offered another idea as they shared: “Years ago I took my son’s Lewis helmet to Spa to get him to sign it in the Thursday signing session, he declined.

“The people with him said he has a contract with his helmet manufacturer to only sign their helmets, which are sold and distributed by them as official products.”

Others defended Hamilton in the comments online, as one fan commented: “It’s his autograph, his choice. He has every right to refuse.”

Another penned: “Can respect that.”

However, it turns out the reason why the F1 driver doesn’t sign helmets is because he sees them as ‘his heritage’.

In an interview with GQ in 2023, Hamilton explained: “The only thing I refuse to sign would be a helmet.

“I take a lot of pride in my helmets – that’s my jersey. I might have given two helmets away, to like my boss and a really dear friend who’s passed away now. Those are part of my heritage.

“One day I want to put them all in a museum with all my cars and stuff so people can see the journey from where I started.”



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