West Ham board insider claims David Moyes should be fired

As details of what it will take to fire West Ham manager David Moyes are revealed, a board insider has made a suggestion that the manager should be fired.

Today, if West Ham was still floating high on the wave of their June European success, it crashed back to earth.

during the Premier League match between West Ham United and Chelsea at London Stadium on December 9, 2017 in London, England.

The Hammers’ three straight losses to Olympiacos, Everton, and Aston Villa have been a harsh wake-up call following their strong start to the current campaign.

David Moyes appeared to have completely turned things around following the difficult Premier League campaign last year, especially after West Ham won the Europa Conference League in Prague, their first major trophy in 43 years. The team also had a respectable start to the season.

Throughout the period, there were multiple occasions when the Scot was forced to hold to his job by his fingernails.

Three straight losses have brought back memories of those times when supporters heckled West Ham.

Like with any club, audible fan dissatisfaction will only lead to questions being directed towards the manager.

As details of what it will take to fire West Ham manager Moyes are revealed, a board insider has now made a claim that he will be fired.

Among the people Sean Whetstone knows are vice-chair Karren Brady and co-owner David Sullivan.

Moyes’ six-loss rule is in effect.
Furthermore, he says that should the Hammers lose their next three games, Moyes might lose his job.

Whetstone asserts that in regards to Moyes’ future at West Ham, the “six loss rule is in play.” I mean, you could stretch it out to seven or eight.

Six-loss policy is in effect, Whetstone declared.

“No manager can survive a long run of defeats in a row, but David Moyes could be gone if we lose against Arsenal, Olympiacos, and Brentford. However, he’s probably going to get Notts Forest and Burnley too to stop the loss rot.”

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