Burnley manager Kompany responds to the Everton point deduction controversy.

Vincent Kompany responds to a potential Everton point deduction in the midst of Burnley’s alleged financial predicament rage.
Since he has no control o u byver anything, Vincent Kompany is unconcerned about Everton potentially losing points.

After learning via Twitter from the Burnley boss’s press conference on October 26 that the Premier League is requesting that the Toffees be docked 12 points for the alleged profit and sustainability violation, The Telegraph reported the previous day, citing the Belgian’s statement as “absolutely nothing to do with anything I can affect.” Shamoon Hafez is a journalist for BBC Sport.

Everton has consistently argued that, despite accruing significant losses in recent seasons, they have complied with expenditure limits, citing Covid-19, the construction of a new stadium, and other legitimate costs as justification.

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The Clarets are reportedly upset about the circumstances at Goodison Park and ready to file a lawsuit, along with other former top tier relegation opponents like Leeds United, Leicester, and Southampton.

Burnley is said to have vowed to sue the Toffees for the second season in a row due to the financial situation.

Reason for worry

Similar to Sean Dyche, Kompany has responded by saying that the managers of the participating teams have no choice but to focus on issues on the field.

However, the article in The Telegraph has articulated the concerns that a lot of Everton fans have had since the team was reported for a lone purported infraction back in March.

Furthermore, even while it isn’t believed to stop 777 Partners from pressing forward with their plans to purchase from Farhad Moshiri, the possibility of such a penalty is obviously unfavorable when relegation is a legitimate worry even in the absence of any fresh issues.

Naturally, the Premier League is effectively the plaintiff in this case, and even if Everton is found to be at fault, they may not receive exactly what they desire. After all, that is not their decision to make.

Furthermore, the actual application of any penalties may be postponed indefinitely due to the possibility of appeals from the party that ultimately loses.

It’s unknown what legal issues the other teams that Everton has faced relegation battles against have to do with the situation, but it’s evident that this is a high-stakes scenario for a team that has faced danger before.


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