The boss says something ‘not normal’ is now happening with the £50million Liverpool star

Liverpool striker Luis Diaz simply has too much pressure on his shoulders at the moment.

Afteran electrifying start to the season, Diaz has fallen a little in love with Liverpool as of late. 

He recently had a lovely goal disallowed against Tottenham Hotspur, but since that goal was disallowed, the 26-year-old has failed to find the net in six league games.,

However three goals in ten games in all competitions is not a bad result. And speaking to Colombian AS, Diaz’s national team manager Nestor Lorenzo said the £50 million man is under a little too much pressure to score. 

“The first thing we did was tell him [Diaz] not to put the team on his shoulders, nor that the responsibility of the team should weigh on him,” says Lorenzo.

“People expect him to score four goals a game and that’s not normal.“His performance was good and we hope he improves through training and getting to know his teammates.

“In football you need couples and in two [international breaks] he got injured and missed the matches that would have given him a little more rapprochement.

But we have faith in him, in his position and in his role. We don’t want him to be the savior either.“I realize he played badly when he doesn’t score two goals, and that’s not the case.

At Liverpool he plays every three days and here every month.Diaz feels the pressureWith James Rodriguez now in his thirties, Diaz is the most important man in Colombian football.

Exceptional  are  there high for him every time his national team plays.Just like Mohamed Salah in Egypt or Sadio Mané in Senegal before him, it is up to a Liverpool striker to move his team forward. So far, it must be said that Diaz has not been as successful as Salah or Mane.

41 caps yielded just nine goals and it’s fair to say the former Porto player has plenty more to offer.

The same certainly applies to his Liverpool career. No one expects Diaz to score two or four goals every game, but we could do it with a little more effort.

After an excellent start 18 months ago, his tally now stands at 14 goals in 56 games for the Reds. That’s not bad, especially considering last season’s injury, but it could also be a lot better.

Diaz is no longer  a  young player and he really needs to express his potential. Like Lorenzo, we have no doubt that he will do so, but the pressure will remain until more consistency is found.

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