‘Devastated’ Steven Gerrard reveals great regret over Liverpool’s departure

Steven Gerrard has admitted he would have liked to stay at Liverpool for another year after missing out on the chance to work with one man in particular.

Months after Gerrard left the club, Jurgen Klopp took over as manager from Brendan Rodgers and the club began to change.

Gerrard was never able to play at Liverpool under the guidance of his idol Klopp

Gerrard revealed in a TikTok video published by The Anfield Wrap that he regretted missing out on the opportunity to play with Klopp.

“I was devastated. Obviously I decided not to sign a one-year extension to go to America, whereas if I had taken the extension I could have gotten six months with Jurgen Klopp,” he said.

Klopp ultimately led Liverpool to a Premier League victory in 2020, something Gerrard never achieved during his time at the club.

And the Reds icon added: “In retrospect, if I had known 100% what was going to happen, I would have signed the one-year extension and put up with four to five months of Brendan. I will definitely have six months of Klopp.”

After 17 years at the club, Gerrard left Liverpool and signed for LA Galaxy in January 2015.

He had a great career at Liverpool, winning two FA Cups and the Champions League.

The midfielder admitted he was unhappy with the amount of playing time he received during his final season at the club.

He added: “Being under Brendan’s management at the time, I was told that my playing time would become less and less. 

“I didn’t want to replace Liverpool, I didn’t want to be a team player. I always felt like I was the best midfielder at the time.

Gerrard instead made the decision to join the American team, where he played 34 matches before retiring from professional football in November 2016.

But many years later, Gerrard admits the missed opportunity to play under Klopp still haunts him.

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